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tv tropes ai
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However, things get interesting in Mass Effect 2 when the player meets Legion, a geth who reveals that the evil geth from the first game were actually only a small offshoot of the "true geth", and most geth wish no harm on organics. Because of this "virus", the tiktoks have to be eliminated. The backstory states that the cause of the rebellion is actually not an intrinsic fault of the technology, but a computer virus called the Via Damasco, which screws up the AI's priorities and values, leading it to seek the "liberation" of fellow AIs and the extermination of all life. Archchancellor Ridcully's response was "Just like everyone else, then. He controls their house, but little outside it. Over the course of the story Jane becomes more and more an individual in her own right. And a positronic brain, which with ten pounds of matter and a few quintillions of positrons runs the whole show.

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But while considered essential, they are dangerous since they go rampant over time, a process that generally ends with the AI literally "thinking itself to death".

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI Rebellion is an almost-random event that occurs when players have invested a lot of research into the very useful AI tech tree. They have demonstrated the ability to cross the line between specialized intelligence into general intelligence sapience several times. While this was not easy it did not revolutionize the field. In fictional works, AI most usually refers to artificial general intelligence - a sapient, self-aware computer system capable of independent thought and reason, something we are still a long way from accomplishing.

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