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On my return, I nervously lock the door and draw the shades, checking the computer again to make sure it was live. I do a quick check of the apartment, no one in sight through the windows, but I draw the shutters anyway. Sinking down for a second, I can just barely touch the floor, by now I'm drooling onto the key hovering tantalizingly close between my tits. I roll to the right, reaching a hand laterally to feel the other side of the bed, it's clear you've left already, so I spring into action. It would definitely start hurting after a while, but the ball itself was soft enough to sink my teeth into, reducing long term application. I let out a squeek as my bare feet lift off the ground and swing forwards on my handcuffs. Before I raise my free hand, I drop it to my shorts, kneading my palm in between my legs for a single turn before raising it overhead.

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Adalynn. Age: 20.
tumblr women bound

After settling back to directly beneath my hands, I give the camera a single wink before launching into character as a damsel in distress, eyebrows creased with worry over an expression of wide-eyed helplessness, which I intend to maintain for the remainder of my captivity.

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Giana. Age: 21.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Each little noise something between a moan and a frustrated sob. Soon I won't be cold at all, Im already starting to heat up as I get ready. I toss the loose cuff overhead so it slides just above the beam.

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