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Once she enters, she immediately picks out Satsuki after she's identified as the Student Council President of the resident Absurdly Powerful Student Council and challenging her. When she tries to get around this by just not attacking him, he begins hitting himself to give the same effect. As a result of this, Sanageyama decides to blind himself so he doesn't rely on his eyesight, which comes as a nasty surprise for Ryuko during their rematch. Parental Abandonment : Her mother died when she was little, and she lived in a boarding school away from her father right up until he was murdered. Hot-Blooded : Her blood literally boils in the heat of battle. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

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Adrianna. Age: 20.
kill la kill lesbian

Impossible Hourglass Figure : While all females in the show get this at some point, Ryuko's waist is tiny compared to the rest of her body which is already thin as it is whenever she shows it off; which is alot.

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Everly. Age: 29.
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Understandable, considering her mother is one Big Bad and the fact that she is not actually a human. She does agree to go on a date with Mako at the end of the series. Pajama-Clad Hero : For the duration of episode 4, since she's forced to go to school at 4 in the morning while Senketsu's being washed. Like most transfers, she turns out to be a force to be reckoned with and is very skilled at the show's fighting style, even being imbued with the resident phlebtonium.

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