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In particular, significant cases of where the posture of the litigation is such that no adequate remedy exists, may justify this court's invocation of its supervisory powers by means of original jurisdiction. Kearns Tire Company retreaded the tire and sold it to the Direct Sales Tire Company, which subsequently sold it to the plaintiff. See Weaver Construction Co. Insofar as the record before us contains only a few brief affidavits, and no testimony at the hearing, this court stands in a position equal to that of the trial court in reviewing the facts with regard to this issue. Likewise, alternative non-"destructive" means of obtaining the facts should be considered in evaluating the putative benefits of the tests. Thereafter, the defendants and third-party defendants had the tire examined by various experts who expressed conflicting opinions as to the cause of the tire failure. The defendants joined Uniroyal and National Cooperative as third-party defendants.

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rule 34 bolt

The trial court may also impose such other conditions relating to the destructive testing as may be necessary to protect the interests of the parties to this action.

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Accordingly, an original proceeding provided the only means for review of the order which is before us in this case. This contention was not questioned below and remains uncontested in this proceeding. A late demand or the timeliness of the plaintiff's request is a factor, but in this case it does not appear that the application was dilatory or for purposes of delay. Thereafter, the tire was sold by Uniroyal to National Cooperative, which, in turn, distributed the tire through an unknown dealer.

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