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Our fruits have all burned. They still hunt with bows and arrows, still gather wild honey and babassu nuts, and still rely almost entirely on the bounty of the primal forest and its sources of water. The numbers may seem small, but indigenous-rights advocates say there is something much larger at stake: the preservation of the last vestiges of a way of life that has all but disappeared from the planet, one that has survived apart from our industrial economy. Fish and birds are dying off. He showed us into the five-room building that served as his quarters and as an improvised clinic for a pair of government health workers. An hour down the road in the village of Tiracambu, all of its 85 people turned out to welcome us, singing and dancing as they came.

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He unfurled a map of the Arariboia territory and traced a finger around its edges.

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Protestor casts Amazon synod symbols into the Tiber

He said it was simply part of a contingency plan. Peru, like Brazil, has a no-contact policy for isolated tribes. For several years narcos had been using a nearby government post as their own base. Photographs by Charlie Hamilton James.

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