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Cadds blushed and looked away. Arthur looked down, going pale at the very steep drop, thousands of feet up. And, worst yet, it was the holidays. Erotic-Vore Simply, Intimate Vore. Cadds watched from behind his neck, fear in his eyes as he watched the man easily steal away all of the meat these people owned. Roz smirked, shrugging as he rolled his eyes. He looked up, black circles under his eyes as he watched the god eagerly slurp down another poor soul, another small she-devil this time around it seemed.

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The man jumped up, landing on his hand.

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The god stood completely still, before he heard it again. Arthur whimpered, clawing at the tongue as the first gulp echoed around him, he squirmed, trying his best but it was too late. That little thing was strong and brave and stupid. He looked away from Roz as the giant smirked, moving to crouch down beside him.

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