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He always made sure I was satisfied one way or another. At first it was fun, but after a few minutes I just felt like I was being punched in the ass. When I was ranting about it to my friends, one of them pointed out that although it was a bad situation for me, think of how embarrassed he was. Also he gave me more attention and pulled out toys and all kinds of fun stuff whereas the bigger guys were all about instant gratification and skipped foreplay. Had a Tinder hookup with a guy. Hurt so much I was honest to god limping the next day. It hurt my fucking jaw, and almost dislocated it more than once.

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Lauren. Age: 30.
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Like go slow and use lube if you have to!

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Emmalyn. Age: 25.
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50 Women Talk About Having Sex With An Extremely Large (Or Extremely Small) Penis

I never saw him again because beer can Joe was just too much for a bi curious dude like myself. But when you say small are you talking micropenis small? Hurt so much I was honest to god limping the next day.

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