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At some point in my timeline, Krillin dies! Vegeta: sobbing Kakarot, help! Hercule: Except for the fat one which is gonna be livin' with me forever and you better fuckin' love him! SKoT: It's possible that this could be the future Trunks is so intent on reaching. Cooler: I thought we agreed to not put anything down there unless I agreed it was okay - it's not that I didn't like it, it's that I wasn't ready. Kirran: It's a fellow Dumplin! Your world's strongest champion!

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Lani: Maybe up to the, like, first knuckle, second knuckle if you're comfortable.

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Xenoverse 2

Everybody do the Dumplin Strut. Don't you talk about my wife like that! Lani: Wow, that's fuckin' weird. Cooler: And this is my full power!

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