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There is enough ass and breast meat between these two to satisfy a high school football team, so Michaels typically turns on the charm and works through a soulful but freckle focused repertoire. If you have a comment or query for the reviewer please email please. But she knows how to work the camera and she always puts on a show. She is a pleasure machine, and any girl that can wink her asshole and play hide and seek with ice cubes by the pool is worth having around. There is plenty of jiggle for the wiggle, but the tease action would be classified playful as opposed to sexy, even with the addition of baby oil. The big man has no trouble finding autopilot and unleashing the love hammer.

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So overall the girls put on quite an ass focussed performance, and even though Charming is reserved there is plenty of greasy wet sex to watch and even a premature hint of man cream being let loose up flowers ass before the fireworks of the final money shot.

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Anal Beach Buns 2 (2009)

Delilah is a hottie and she just seems to have this rosy demeanour when there is a stiff dick in the room, but her real talent seems to be tucking away the inches in the back door. As the scene progresses the girls hardly interact at all, so while it is fine watching one of them get penetrated, the other is just hanging around like a wasted human dildo sitting on the shelf. The rigs are pumped up in the boob region, well tanned, and there is enough ass bubble to have you excited. The only problem is she needs to shut up.

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