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She refuses as she is unable to accept having lost all of her powers after Ban removed the strange plant within her body. When King releases them with several projectiles from "Sunflower", Jericho and Guila resign to their fate, realizing that they cannot defeat King. The former Holy Knight was shocked to learn that Ban was named as the new Fairy King after the Fairies rejected King and praised the former for saving the forest. She also doubts King's title as the Fairy King due to her disbelief in the Fairy Clans and the Forest's existence until they stumble upon the slowly-restored Fairy King's Forest. When an Albion appears and begins to destroy the forest, Jericho goes with Puora to find Ban.

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While Escanor refuses to fight with his Sins's comrade, Jericho and Hawk try to convince Gowther not to fight him.

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7 Deadly Sins Anime Jericho Nude

This temporarily knocks her down. In that instant, Helbram who has been under the disguise of "Love Helm" vertically cuts Chastiefol into two, and rescues his subordinates. In reply to Griamore's question, Guila informs him that Hendrickson's goal is the resurrection of the Demon Clan , which prompts Ban to attack Jericho. Sign In Don't have an account?

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