Juicy tube miracle

juicy tube miracle
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I love how this juicy tube is really shiny and glossy. The consistency is thick, sticky, and a bit goopy, but this combination gives it more lasting power than your average lipgloss and the incredible shine! This is absolutely the best gloss I have ever used. It also has a gorgeous silver shimmer. Instant Light Lip Perfector reviews. About reviewer reviews. Stay-On Balm Rouge 12 reviews.

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Jayden. Age: 23.
juicy tube miracle

My tube doesn't really have much scent possibly just the slightly fruity JT scent and this is a fairly sticky gloss, so it lasts AGES on my lips.

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Holland. Age: 23.
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Lancome Juicy Tubes Jelly in Miracle - Full Size

Your teeth literally glisten with this on. For me it doesnt add color to my lips, just a beautiful shine which makes my lips look plumper and brightens up my smile has tiny flecks of silver glitter. I got this gloss my first Juicy Tube in a little Lancome gift set from my daughter and son in law.

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