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Peggy has taken Hank to task about their relationship, or the lack thereof. As her egotism grows to extremes, other characters become more aware of it. Peggy's overly high self-esteem may be a reaction to her mother's constant criticism. This is, in part, due to cultural misunderstanding and Peggy's own over-inflated opinion of her beauty. Views Read Edit View history. Hank then tricked Hoyt into committing an obvious crime and convinced him to confess to it along with an earlier robbery. Peggy confronted Buck and told him very bluntly that Buck owed his successful business to Hank and demanded that Buck help her fix the mess that he got Hank into as a result of his behavior.

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Eleanor. Age: 29.
peggy hill gif

She believes that she can speak fluent Spanish, but her actual knowledge of the language is very limited.

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Crystal. Age: 25.
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Peggy back and her son Bobby. As another running gag, Peggy often calls attention to her part in something for its own sake. Upon meeting Eduardo Felipe, star of the fictional Monsignor Martinez, she believes he wants to have an affair with her. Of course Cotton shows even more disrespect towards Peggy herself, including frequently referring to her as "Hank's wife" instead of her name.

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