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Today it's a household name and a device millions upon millions of people have and use every day - many of them just average, non tech-savvy folks. If you burn a CD and rip it back, you're losing quality. I get a good laugh everytime I think about that. Didn't know where to put it, what category to fit it into. The owners of the music mostly RIAA, but anyone who licenses it to Apple apparently decided that they can live with that. The delusion is this thread is hilarious. These people that are trying to claim they're a hardcore gamer, aren't.

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Their social responsibility towards the environment is to act within the law, which they are doing.

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Entirely, entirely different ballgame from any other handheld on the market. Waaay stretched in my opinion. I never said I was a professional. I have a couple of G5 Quads I was going to upgrade to Clovertons as well.

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