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She set out to find him, but he died in a car crash while he was drunk. Afterwards, Felicia would agree to go with Morbius, as she still has feelings for him. Brownstone , and he tells him that he is giving them an overdose and hangs up. She worked as Urich''s liaison in his investigations which involved keeping files on New York's corruptions and scandals that could take down many of the corrupted officials in the city. Years later, Hardy returned to America and learned from Venom that Peter had gone on to marry Mary Jane, and started physically threatening her. Black Cat's history before the zombie plague struck is very similar to her counterpart. Though, she would appear in the video game's story based on the same movie.

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However, Felicia would eventually realize her true feelings for Peter and double crossed the Foreigner.

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Black Cat Tavern

A clone of Black Cat features in the future timeline, voiced by Katee Sackhoff. And the longer a person like Spider-Man stays around her, they would eventually die. Felicia tried to flirt with him, not realizing who he really was, and got a tooth punched out for her trouble, leaving Felicia totally shocked and angry, swearing revenge after Otto wrapped her in webbing. However, Brownstone was killed before he could rape her and Felicia is charged with murdering Brownstone.

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