Unshaved balls

unshaved balls
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The scientific term for this area is the perineum. Use the electric trimmer to cut through some of the long thick hairs and thin out the bush. So what are you waiting for? Your taint hair will most likely be long and thick. The final step to grooming your taint is to clean, tone, and moisturize it after shaving. The trick to not slipping and cutting yourself is to use lots of shaving cream. Once you get out, hit your freshly-shaved taint with the Crop Reviver toner to cleanse and tighten your pores.

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Chaya. Age: 21.
unshaved balls

Why spend all of the time and effort keeping your pubes shaved, but not touching your taint and butt hair?

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Braylee. Age: 31.
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Lather it on there, make it so thick that you can even see the hair anymore. We'd love to hear from you. Once you get that down, though, shaving your taint is no different than shaving the rest of your body.

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