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Where I'm from, it's the popular kids who are sexy read: "sexual," but I didn't know that then and the geeks who are, well, gamers. Which is not to say that these "geeks" weren't also drinking and fighting and having sex, they were just doing all that stuff while engaging in a rich fantasy life and, when time permitted, academic studies. For those of you who have extensively browsed the Internet but somehow missed this genre, it's a subculture of its own.

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He wrote his first slash story about six months later [1]. By the early '00s, Minotaur was and remained a BNF in the truest sense of the word -- he was known across multiple slash fandoms because of his contributions to fandom overall. He was a fan writer and an archivistbut was probably best known for his sex advice -- not in terms of how to have it, but how to write it.

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Sex Tips for Slash Writers was Minotaur's famous sex resource page for the typically female slash writer. The site was launched on or before Dec Minotaur also offered an interface where fans could ask him questions, and wryly noted: "Not sure if the sex scene you've written is possible? Use this form to send it to me, and I'll test it out.

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When I asked what night the happy event was to take place she shook her head and handed me a stack of computer print outs. Essentially, slash writers do what queer audiences have been doing for years: elevating gay subtext to full fledged queer tales in short story and epic form. What sets these writers apart from writers of your average homo erotica, however, is the fact that, despite the prevailing topic of gay male sex, most writers are neither gay nor male.

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From time to time, it becomes necessary to discipline one who has strayed into Our dominion. We look forward to such events as being beneficial to the discipline of the rest of Our subjects and entertaining as well, rather like a good bull-baiting; they are also good exercise for Us. Herein is contained an account of those episodes of discipline which are dearest to Our heart.

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Sentinel adult archive. Mostly slash, ratings from G to NC Guide Posts.

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So I bet you're asking yourself, just who does this guy think he is, anyway? Setting himself up as an expert on gay sex, offering his opinions on books and movies, and thinking he can answer all your questions. Well, he's a thirty-something gay man, who's lived basically his entire life in the gay community.

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For sure. Sometimes I watch explanatory tutorials on YouTube for various sex acts. Minotaur actually passed away not too long ago, and he was a pillar of the slash community I first encountered.


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