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Do men think about sex every seven seconds? Probably not. But rather than wonder about whether this is true, Tom Stafford asks how on earth you can actually prove it or not.

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This post delves deep into the psychological meanders of the male mind to give you all the tricks in the book to make men obsessed with you. And a woman who can muster irrational abandon and Dionysiac sexuality will exert and irresistible pull on him this is one of the reasons men are attracted to the woman dancing the craziest possible way in the club. She uses a dionysiac spirit of irrationality to make him want to posses her.

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Why are you splitting the bill with a man that should be spoiling you? He unveils their tactics to gain power, money, and status. Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing here.

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Guys do not like predictability — at all. In fact, most of the time, they like to have someone who keeps them guessing, makes them work for things, and generally isn't a "sure thing. Here are some weird ways you can make sure he'll always remember your name Don't reveal anything about yourself after brief flings, and usher him out as soon as you can.

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Our friendship is blossoming into something meaningless. We're a tiny bit drunk, and we both know this is insane. Forget, for a moment, the multiple betrayals, the ill-considered adventurism.

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A fuckboy by another name still screws you over just as much. Such hot-and-cold behavior can be weirdly addictive. Ironically, lusting after a fuckboy for a while means you probably enjoy a challenge: even when the challenge is winning the heart of someone else.

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Top definition. The act of messing with someones mindusually to an extreme. The last time I mindfucked Peter, he thought he was an heroin addict for three days.

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Sex is one of our biggest preoccupations — causing thrills, heartache and downright confusion. But until recently, exactly what happens in the brain during sex was something of a mystery to scientists. Scientists used scans to monitor women's brains during orgasm and found that different brain parts are activated when various parts of her body are aroused. They found that up to 30 different parts of the brain are activated, including those responsible for emotion, touch, joy, satisfaction and memory.

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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Plot twists unraveled.

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Most popular notions about the male brain are based on studies of men ages 18 to 22 — undergrads subjecting themselves to experiments for beer money or course credit. But a man's brain varies tremendously over his life span, quickly contradicting the image of the single-minded sex addict that circulates in mainstream consciousness. In this presentation, you'll learn about common misconceptions, such as men wanting to sow their wild oats forever. And you'll learn how vulnerable men are to loneliness, and why men are so frustratingly focused on solutions.


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