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When i picked this mic, All right, and I will eat you up before my next rhyme, Not a zombie but more like Deryl, Where else, can you find this alternate time-line, So, in the exam of searching a prime, I got an A and you all failed, You brought shame to your houses, made your claim a waste, You just became theon with no balls, The pants are yellow and brown with no falls, Don't hide, no Scofield to save you, brother, You are going in prison with no break further, Yoda might but he's not your father, He will just yap about Harry being the real Potter, Maybe a fairy tale with Voldemort teaming with Vader, To impress Emma Watson cause she a slayer, Hermione wouldn't mind it, If only you could incline it, Guess you're useless here as well, Frodo, Can't even reach your mama's mo-jo, You're an opposite to Van Gogh's photo, Bro, go you are not worth it, It's not your game Mr. Hobbit, So clean, wipe and watered, I just served and slaughtered you in a plate you never ordered! Can't thank you enough, Chester! At least now, you can Rest in Peace And if someone points my wrongs, They'll have the WRATH of my songs, As these 7 deadly sins I commit, Satan posseses a new spirit, Looking at these spirits and graves I wonder, Why to live and why to yonder, No matter how hard we try we are gonna be dusted, With these sins I performed I'll be busted, The same way millions go away, You and me will follow the same path way, So I see no point to live just to die, And so i feel numb and I'm already dead inside, You may say dark or call me a pessimist, But that's the truth we dream pointless benefits, There is no God up waiting for us, No satan trying to destroy their trust, There are no Sins it's just who we are, And I share this with the night and stars, They listen and understand this conception, Numbness is not a feeling it's more of a perception, And there I placed it right, Numb, nothing, blankness is the sight, There is no point in living life, The.

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I loved wrestling as a kid, watching World of Sport and that love has never gone away - although for years it was only a dream.

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A robotic miniature shopping trolley runs on a trail in the stand of Artillery and the invited Mnky Bizz Group. In the shopping trolley we see a paper-coffin, produced to solemnly and humourosly take care of art that has passed its expiration date. When coming to Supermarket the processes, the ideas and a place for experimental works creates the air you breathe. The money-market seems far away.

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