Latex memory foam mattress

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After all, who better to help you figure this one out? Natural, latex based memory foam is NEW and has been featured on Dr. You can learn more about how our mattresses are made.

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If you tend to sleep hot, one of your goals, when shopping for a new mattress, is to find one that sleeps cool all night long — in every season. This unique design among mattresses means that cool air is able to flow through the mattress while you sleep, and that the heat your body puts off while sleeping has somewhere to escape, rather than being trapped next to your body throughout the night. The flow of air also helps to wick moisture away.

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Memory foam and latex share several similarities, as well as a few notable differences. Read on to learn more about memory foam and latex in terms of feel, cost, and other important product considerations for shoppers. Viscoelastic polyurethane foam, or memory foam for short, was first developed by NASA researchers in the s.

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The difference between innerspring and memory foam mattresses is clear just from the names: one has a core of coiled metal springs, the other is made from layers of polyurethane foam. The difference between latex and memory foam, on the other hand, is a bit more subtle. Latex and memory foam are both types of foam, but when it comes to sleep, they definitely are not interchangeable. So how do you decide which type of foam is the best fit for the way you sleep?

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Posted By Susy Salcedo on Mar 11, Is your mattress already sagging or has it formed lumps that leave you with aches and pains in the morning? Fortunately, you will not have any shortage of options when you are in search of a mattress because there are several types to choose from such as memory foamfoam, innerspring, and latex.

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Memory foam and latex both have made a reputation as being the best in the market, but which is the best mattress? There are several factors that might indicate that one is better than the other, but the truth is that each offers a set of pros and cons that make them both terrific mattress options in their own way. Keep reading to see how memory foam and latex differ, and how to tell which might be the best mattress.

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There are many different reasons someone may want a latex mattress topper to put on top of their existing mattress. Initially, many people are unsure of their own reasoning in buying a latex mattress topper and think that their reason for wanting a latex mattress topper is unique. At Sleep On Latex, we often find ourselves mentioning examples of other customers who have bought a latex mattress topper for the exact same reason.

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But first, what is it? The easy answer is that it is a polyurethane that has been designed with many different chemicals. These chemicals lead to the result of a material that is exceedingly dense and energy absorbing. But for this discussion, all you need to know is that this type of foam adjusts to the exact shape of your body.

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Foam and latex mattresses mold to the contours of your body for personalized support and both materials absorb movement. Plus, these soft, flexible, resilient mattresses are long lasting because they can be turned regularly. Our foam and latex mattresses come with stretchable, knitted ticking on top that boosts point-elasticity, relieving stress on your hips, shoulders and neck.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. About 80 percent of adults experience low-back pain at some point in their lives, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke NIH. Back pain causes occur for a variety of different reasons, but a mattress that sags or does not provide support can make your back pain worse.


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