Inheritance of double jointed thumb

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Do you love the circus? We do! In addition to seeing exotic animals and high-flying trapeze artists, we really enjoy watching contortionists twist their bodies into shapes like pretzels.

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Hypermobilityalso known as double-jointednessdescribes joints that stretch farther than normal. For example, some hypermobile people can bend their thumbs backwards to their wrists, bend their knee joints backwards, put their leg behind the head or perform other contortionist "tricks". It can affect one or more joints throughout the body.

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And that can have some surprising effects, says Jason G Goldman. No doubt you know someone or more likely, knew someone as a child who boasted they were double-jointed. These braggarts would then bend their thumbs all the way back to meet their forearms.

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Benign joint hypermobility hi-pur-mo-BIL-ih-tee syndrome is an inherited connective tissue disorder in which joints can move beyond their normal range with little effort. Joint hypermobility is the ability to move joints — especially the elbows, wrists, fingers, and knees — beyond the normal range. Some people call this being "double-jointed.

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Simple inheritance means the phenotype results from the influence of a single gene. While the genotype is the genetic makeup of the organism, the phenotype is the expression of the gene. Pigmented iris: If a person is homozygous recessive for eye color, there is no pigment in the front part of the eyes, and the blue color of the back of the iris shows through, giving blue eyes.

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At any party, there's always that guy who can bend his fingers freakishly far back, and then brags about being "double-jointed" but there's actually no such thing. The term double-jointed implies that a person with unusual flexibility has twice the average number of joints, which allows for their increased range of motion. But that's anatomically impossible except for rare instances, the majority of people have the same number of joints, the points in the body where two bones meet.

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BHU Varanasi ; H. University of Amsterdam. If you have joint hypermobility, some or all of your joints will have an unusually large range of movement.

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However, a study found that Of those subjects, In that study,

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This table lists symptoms that people with this disease may have. For most diseases, symptoms will vary from person to person. People with the same disease may not have all the symptoms listed.


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