Dreams of being naked

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Being naked in a dream is one of the most common dreams.

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There are a variety of dreams in which you or someone else may appear naked: sensual or sexual dreams, and dreams of being free and almost released from your body perhaps even swimming or flying for instance. This article though, is specifically about the kind of dream when you find yourself naked or partially dressed in an inappropriate usually public setting. For example, you may find yourself at work or school inexplicably without pants on, or you may emerge into a public space from a shower, swimming etc.

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Aisling is the author of Dog Funeral Evangelism. Her articles on dream interpretation and Jungian psychology have over 2. Sooner or later, most dreamers will find themselves nude in a dream.

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Being naked in a dream — what does it mean? You dream that you walk around naked among a lot of other people, and you are totally okay with it … Strange? There are several approaches to the dream where you are naked. Dreams about being naked can be an image that you are okay with who you are.

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A dream of being naked in public usually starts with a sense of shock as you find yourself completely or partially unclosed in a public place. Although you are making frantic attempts to shield your body and hide behind whatever cover you can find, you still feel that you are in full view of all the people around you. Everyone else is fully dressed and, even though you are extremely embarrassed, no one else seems to notice your nudity.

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For more information about dreams and their meanings, visit the Dreaming Room. Click Here. Join our FB Fan page!

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Dreams about nakedness or being naked fall under a moderately common and complex category of dreams. Dreams about being naked or seeing naked people could often appear very odd. Sometimes such dreams make us only feel curious about them, other times they are scary and unpleasant.

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We sometimes dream we are nude or in our underwear when we feel vulnerable in a particular situation. Nudity means there is no protection from the elements or the environment so you may be feeling insecure in a certain situation. You may feel embarrassed or not good enough, especially if there are other people in the dream. You may be afraid that others can see straight through you and that something you are trying to hide is out on display to the general public.

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Being naked or nude in a dream is so common that a number of urban legends have been created as a result of this powerful dream symbol. If this symbol appears in your dream, pay attention to the person that is nude. Is it you?

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What is this dream? Last night I dreamed that I stole the clothes and I was naked, I remained naked in the street and then ran into the house. What does it mean to dream of being robbed of clothes? Last night I dreamed of walking naked among the people but I felt no shame.


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