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Keyboard: Off Language: English. A depression in the anal part of the developing embryo which further develops into the anus. A man gets enjoyment in touching and moving the outer part near anal.

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Last edited on Jan 03 The professor is so anal about the rules. See more words with the same meaning: picky, strict.

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Of, relating to, or near the anus. Psychology a. Of or relating to the second stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, roughly from ages one to three, during which gratification is derived from sensations associated with the anus and defecation.

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Technically, anything anal has to do with your anus, although you'll probably hear it more often to describe someone with a really meticulous, type-A personality. If you've ever heard someone described as anal retentiveyou may already know that term means someone is fussy, orderly, compulsive, and — to use a vulgar slang term — tight-assed. Anal things have to do with the anus in slang, your butthole.

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Last edited on Jan 03 The professor is so anal about the rules. See more words with the same meaning: picky, strict.

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Log in. Relating to particular parts of the body. Wanting everything to be right.

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Use anal in a sentence. An example of someone who is anal is a person who always lines up his socks by color and by level of wear, who perfectly folds them and puts them into specific boxes in his dresser and who insists on wearing them in a particular order. When a child between the ages of one and three becomes very interested in his bowel movements, then that is an example of the anal stage of his development.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'anal. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year.


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