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The rest of the races are kind of boring. The female of the species exhibits marked differences: rather than the forehead plates featured on the male, they have vaguely horn-shaped cranial extensions that extend over the upper cranium and end on either side of the crown. Appearance: horns, blue skin color, glowing eyes, hoofed, and have tails. The Draenei are a race which come from the game World Of Warcraft. The males of the species look somewhat like Hellboy and have catfish barbels on their faces; the females are much slimmer, leggy , and have horns.

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This planet was earth, and with a crash-landing on the Kalimadorian Azuremyst Isle, they quicky settled and sought relations with the Alliance.

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Male draenei have large tails which are held erect by developed muscle structure. Similarly, the number of facial tentacles on male draenei can be customized. Most of my Alliance characters are draenei.

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