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In a frantic rush I grab whatever clothes I can to put on to get out of the door before the bus arrives. Another 15 minutes go by and a wave hits me. I just spurted a very small jet of pee in my pants. I looked down to see the material of my jeans soak up even more as a more audible ssssssssssss was heard. Concentrating was very difficult as my bladder continued to fill with the large bottle of water I had when leaving the house. I covered my crotch with my hand to try and hide what happened.

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I can feel my socks get wet and I really have made a puddle.

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Angela. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I break out in a sweat because 30 minutes is really going to test my bladder. Since was 12 or so and realized I liked boys. My muscles completely gave in and soon my body was actually pushing the warm pee right into my jeans. This is a story of a real accident I had a few months ago.

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