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Logging in to my computer at the desk in the basement, and set up the forward facing camera. I almost snag it a few times, trying to grip it with my toes, falling short every time. Moaning in mock despair, I keep struggling as I nervously wait for you to find me exhausted and completely defenseless. I can only imagine how you will react, my own body pulsing as waves of tremendous arousel keep crashing over me, an intense need for stimulation throbbing between my legs from just thinking about what you're going to do to me when you get back. My initial shudders against the cold room's morning chill was now completely forgotten, I haven't even started struggling yet but I was already hyper-aware of how much skin I was showing due to the temperature difference between the cold air and my rapidly heating body. I turn to walk back as I unlock one of the cuffs, shifting weight to one side, hoping my ass looks good as I twirl back around to face the camera, hanging the key around my neck like a necklace, nestled in my cleavage.

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Keira. Age: 20.
tumblr gagged women

With a small clink, I feel the buckle slide down, feeling with my fingers, I touch the closest notch to my head as possible and jerk the latch down sharply.

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Montserrat. Age: 30.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

After a bit of indecision, I open the drawer again, replacing it with my pink ball gag, it was a softer material than most, but still it was huge, 3 inch diameter. The longer I hang, the more desperate I become, realizing my struggle attempts are running out. At my tallest I can barely push upwards with my toes to take pressure off my arms shackled above me. I roll to the right, reaching a hand laterally to feel the other side of the bed, it's clear you've left already, so I spring into action.

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