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Categories : Supernumerary body parts Cutaneous congenital anomalies Congenital disorders of breasts. He starts out by consulting the man in the street and even a renowned teratologist , an expert in physical mutations. Amastia Polymastia Micromastia Symmastia. After testing the notion that extra nipples could be a sign of fertility, he discovers that they are actually an atavism , or evolutionary 'holdover' — a sign of how humans evolved. Congenital malformations and deformations of the breast Q83 , A possible relationship with mitral valve prolapse has been proposed.

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tribe nipples

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Supernumerary nipple

Congenital malformations and deformations of the breast Q83 , Occasionally, the supernumerary nipple is noticed when hormonal changes during adolescence, menstruation, or pregnancy cause increased pigmentation, fluctuating swelling, tenderness, or even lactation. Supernumerary nipple Other names Third nipple , Triple nipple , Accessory nipple , [1] Polythelia Specialty Medical genetics , dermatology A supernumerary nipple is an additional nipple occurring in mammals , including humans.

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