Bugs bunny rule 34

bugs bunny rule 34
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And I used to always wonder why there was so much sweat in these cartoons, turns out it was originally blood. Then as a teenager I went and bought some of the classic episodes of Bugs Bunny that back when I was younger, I have never before seen. I liked the originals so much, that I resented Disney for making them even more watered-down. Things that ruined your favourite childhood cartoon characters for you? Today I am focussing specifically on beloved cartoon characters and things that ruined them in your eyes forever.

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Saniyah. Age: 25.
bugs bunny rule 34

As stated before, rule 34 killed my inner child.

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Sara. Age: 20.
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Something something rule 34

The 34th rule of the internet. I, when I was very young was an avid fan of the old Warner Brothers Cartoons, especially Bug Bunny who I would always be ready to sit and watch with enthusiasm. Also, just watching any given cartoon that plays on TV in the morning, not South Park, Family Guy or anime etc, makes me sprout tentacle blades and kill innocent people, then eating them regret ever being a kid. At first I didn't really know this as I eagerly sat down to watch favourite shows of mine, such as pokemon and yu-gi-oh.

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