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It would be hard to explain why I had them with no real medical need for me to have them or wear them. Read on to learn how Casey discovered diapers, the excitement that came with his first time wearing them and how putting one on changed the rest of his life. I decided to finally try them out, given I had the privacy to do so. Some have prints, some don't. While this is true for Casey, it is a misconception that all kinks can relate to childhood or childhood trauma. The feel of the plastic and the material between your legs is unique. I eventually found that I preferred printed diapers.

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Diaper lovers crave the comfort that wearing a diaper provides.

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Never Have I Ever: Worn an Adult Diaper

After a normal friendship has been founded, then you can begin to experiment. That can take quite a while to come to terms with, but in the end, it turned out well. Is this an experience you enjoy alone, or would you prefer with a partner? I would occasionally buy a pack of diapers or two, trying out different kinds.

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