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pingu punishment
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When his mother reads him a bedtime story, Pingu falls asleep and dreams about the igloo floating away like an alien spaceship and his bed walking and galloping like a horse. He forbids Pinga from playing with him and Pingo. Pingu has to rush to the loo because he drank too much. In the process, Pingu also wants to capture a hot-air balloon on film. It is Grandfather's birthday and Pingu wants buy him the best gift of all. Title data have also been supplemented with information from other sources, such as the titles used by the BBC for television broadcasts and on video tapes.

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Note: This episode was banned in the UK and US due to its upsetting themes which were deemed controversial, but is available to watch online and on home video releases.

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In turn, each shopkeeper donates some goods. His bowl seems to be playing up and he cannot understand it. But Pingu 'knows' that not only fish live in the ocean and Robby catches all sorts of creatures for them to learn about. Pingu and Pinga set off with their mother right away.

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