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You hear the wolves howling. You are long past when you should have birthed, you know, and though the ache rolls through you three nights of every month, hips and back screaming- your waters never break. You agree, and the two of you spend the next couple of weeks trying your hardest to get pregnant. Only that I met him in the deep wood, and I feel afraid- and I think it is more than the sin of being out of wedlock that chills me. You see the bulge of the egg move into place, and you scream as you feel it inch toward your hole. It gives- you gasp in the sudden relief- and quick as thought, it is flung away into the trees, and they surge upon you.

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Jemma. Age: 20.
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The forest has reclaimed this land, so far as the people of the village are concerned, and you with it.

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Heidi. Age: 23.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You strain and push as hard as you can, inching the massive egg out little by little. A cow, fat with calf, would have been pulled down and torn to pieces by now- a villager, great with wholesome and human child, the same. Kinda off topic since hes some sorta feline, and not actually a werewolf, but hey… I figure plenty of people would still like a bit of Katerina x Rengar noncon to make their monday suck a bit less. You get down on your knees, settle into the grass with your thighs spread, and howl.

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