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After a battle of summons, Tsunade dealt the finishing blow to Orochimaru. However, Naruto forces him to change his mind after their final battle. This however, caused her some pain and she coughed up blood. She summoned Katsuyu and leaves a clone at headquarters, taking another Katsuyu with her so that they could keep up-to-date on any urgent matters at headquarters. Shikaku also tried to dissuade Tsunade, telling her that it was a huge gamble regardless, and reminded her that she wasn't so lucky when it came to gambling so they should have the Hokage Guard Platoon use the Flying Thunder God Technique to transport her instead. Kotetsu decides to make it up by finishing the work for him.

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tsunade kiss naruto

After this was confirmed, he declared that she would be the first to die.

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Mabui protests however, saying that her technique was not intended for use on living organisms. While normally appearing carefree or short-tempered, Tsunade is a capable leader. He also noted that despite his seamless and stealthy re-entrance to the village, he was almost immediately pursued, forcing Kakashi to retreat out of the village. When using the Strength of a Hundred Technique, the markings extend themselves around her entire body.

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