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As soon as you enter the upper area, the Archery Gerudo is loaded into memory and unsets the completion state, making it impossible to manipulate the chest contents further, meaning you can either obtain the ass chest item, or start over. The Ass Chest sometimes referred to as the "Gerudo RBA Chest" is an invisible chest that appears upon completion of the Gerudo Archery minigame through an upgrade oddity. When you leave the minigame without returning to the upper area of Gerudo Fortress, you store the state saying that the minigame has been completed. Instead getting the upgraded quiver, one of these 3 things will happen:. Then, while playing to earn the quiver upgrade score points.

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This will allow you to get off Epona during the minigame.

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Legend of Zelda’s Ass Exposed! (HyoReiSan)[Legend of Zelda]

The table of items is known as the "Get Item" table, and is a separate table from the item table. When giving out most items in the game, actors will call a function which writes a byte value to a specific address 0x from the start in NTSC 1. Perform the necessary steps to set up the ass chest glitch, but with the additional step of activating the Swordless Link glitch. Since the actor instance is aligned on a 0x10 byte boundary, the last digit of this "Get Item" byte will always end in 0x8, giving us 8 different obtainable items.

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