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Back in the olden days when having premarital sex frowned upon and might have a young man looking down the barrel of a shotgun, kids regularly fooled around on the swing or in the back of a Ford, etc. So, my recommendation is to relax and not be so hard on yourself. It is important to understand two fundamental differences between the genders: 1. She must be on the pill or using some other form of highly reliable contraceptive, you must always use a condom, and together the two of you should have a third level of protection--using a spermicide. Every second Im thinking like I gotta get an erection or whens it gonna happen. Much depends upon anxiety, self confidence and esteem at the time.

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Elisa. Age: 29.
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Here's actually what I consider an annoying problem of mine.

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Amanda. Age: 27.
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OP: Flaccid Ejaculation??

My next 2 encounters I had sex successfully different girls but it was because of there physical stimulation they gave, not from making out with the women naked. Sex has much to do with arousing and satisfying the female emotions and psyche, first, as a precursor to having orgasms. Lastly, whether nude or not, I would not recommend grinding without wearing a condom. Do you get spontaneous erections?

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