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And while I probably would have loved this movie as a kid, I also would have grown out of it quickly. There are almost built-in counters to any criticism of the movie. The only thing it does commit to is a blind believe-in-yourself faith that will seem trite to its older viewers and could be almost harmful to its younger ones. But the adult in me prevailed, and I spent too much of the running time desperate to scream at the screen: Grow up already. In this sense, she reminds me of another Netflix heroine: Kimmy Schmidt , except Kimmy spent most of her formative years in a bunker.

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Lucia. Age: 27.
brie larson gif hunt

The plot then aimlessly drifts as Kit preps for the arrival of her unicorn.

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Johanna. Age: 30.
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Well, that means you're jaded. In front of the camera, Larson is as engaging a performer as ever, but Samantha McIntyre's erratic script makes it hard to pin down exactly who Kit is as person beneath all that affection for a Lisa Frank aesthetic. Seriously, that's what it's about. It's almost admirable how committed both Larson and McIntyre are to Kit's point of view, but it's to the detriment of their film.

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