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Though Huey takes pleasure in criticizing her both subtly and conspicuously, he has also shown a willingness to empathize with her and tends to avoid being mean just for the sake of it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During that time, Jazmine was replaced by Michael Caesar as the prominent character other than Huey and Riley Freeman. Riley's interactions with Tom are few and far between, and like most adults Riley encounters he doesn't respect him. Thomas Lancaster DuBois , a wealthy and mild-mannered black man, is an assistant district attorney and close friend of Robert Freeman. Views Read Edit View history. Tom's political ideologies are more towards American liberalism and as a result he is a Democrat.

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Rayna. Age: 28.
jazmine boondocks

Tom is ultimately forced to confront his phobia in the third-season episode A Date With the Booty Warrior , where he comes face to face with a rapist dubbed "Booty Warrior" after being trapped in a prison washroom during a riot.

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Addisyn. Age: 24.
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Dubois family

She, like her husband, is liberal and fiercely political. New York: Three Rivers Press, For her part, Jazmine appears to be a kind friend to Huey, as when she applauds enthusiastically for Huey's unchanged "Black Jesus" play—unlike Granddad and Riley, who fall asleep.

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