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Work that magical dog like tongue of yours over my meaty cock just like that. She was dominant, commanding, and everything a Inuzuka Head should be when commanding a clan such as hers with a connection to dogs. This woman has a figure most women several years younger then her would kill for. Once they did clean themselves off with a special Inuzuka cleaner, the two got dressed rather quickly, and Tsume escorted Naruto out the front door like nothing had happened. However, I'm feeling like I'm going to cum soon," said Naruto pumping faster making Tsume let out little screams of pleasure. If you keep up that racket, you'll disturb the patients in here," said Naruto before taking out a pen and smiled at Kiba's unconscios cast covered body. I'm like some milf of a bitch in heat that wants to be fucked without mercy.

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When Tsume hopened the door, she was met with her daughter Hana at the door about to use her key, and was surprised to see her Mother their with Uzumaki Naruto of all people.

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Drink my cum like I drank yours," said Tsume gripping Naruto's spiky hair and pulling him closer to her womanhood before she let out a howl when she came. You're so sexy its a wonder people don't think of you and your daughter as hot twin sisters," said Naruto breathing for air after being in her breasts valley for so long. It fills me like nothing has before," said Tsume loving how Naruto pounded into her and wanting more of it.

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