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Southerners were neither informed nor enthusiastic about their history. During the s, African Americans, empowered by their victories in the civil rights movement, unsuccessfully challenged its use. If the flag debate can be made to serve as a prelude to a more fundamental discussion of the heritage of slavery, segregation, and racial oppression, and spur Americans to address structural inequalities in our society, it will become even more important. In the aftermath, national opinion polls showed opposition to the flag had continued to grow. Far from being fixed in the historical past, both support and opposition to the flag has been malleable over the years—as its meanings have shifted for different groups of people. In an insightful analysis of that tour, Washington Post reporters noted that in Charleston Roof did not appear to have visited Fort Sumter.

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confederate bikini images

In the s and s, black legislators proposed removing the Confederate flag from the Alabama capitol and adopting a new Georgia state flag, but their efforts failed.

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Confederate Flag Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

Later that summer, the legislature voted to remove the flag , although only after a contentious debate in the House. That most of the states achieved some form of compromise reflected increased African American political power and a change in attitudes among some white Southerners. Other supporters of the flag may not rally with white supremacists, but race plays a central role in their defense of the battle flag. Thus, support for the flag has become associated with the denial of a long history that could justify future policies supporting blacks.

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