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Presently, as is visibly apparent, all individuals are female; a male has never been observed. Many of them are under the Demon Lord's command. Since only females exist, they need to copulate with human men in order to make children. What popped out the end were creatures that still walk on eight dagger-tipped legs or a million writhing tentacles , but at the same time have rockin' tits and a literally irresistible sexuality. Even if a man they've personally targeted tries to reject them, they will probably use various means such as coercive sex, seduction, spells, and drugs to try and get him. They have long life spans compared with humans. The sexy, pro-active monsters are all according to plan, but the eventual product of all this sex turned out to be only female children.

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Makayla. Age: 27.
monster girl sexy

Uncertain, since they move by riding the wind; also found in The Fairy Kingdom.

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Anastasia. Age: 28.
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Monster Girls

They possess a variety of abilities to get human men. At present, due to the influence of the current demon lord, a succubus possessing tremendous power, all of the monsters have forms like that of either an extremely beautiful, or cute human woman. All of them now have beautiful, alluring figures resembling human women. Succubi were odd creatures by the monsters' standards, as they fed on semen instead of blood, so their lives were dedicated to pleasuring human males rather than ripping them to pieces.

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