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However, sometimes, T 1 or T 2 is absent. Metabolic response to green tea extract during rest and moderate-intensity exercise. Consumption of green tea favorably affects oxidative stress markers in weight-trained men. Comparative DSC study of human and bovine serum albumin. On the other hand, recent investigations report also several positive aspects of ROS generation in sport performance and their role in cell signaling and adaptation to regular training [ 7 , 8 , 9 ]. Utility, practical approaches and considerations.

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Introduction The consumption of exogenous supplemental antioxidants among athletes has increased despite the lack of clear evidence of their benefits.

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For the S group, after the training and supplementation Cp 2 value is maintained at a constant, higher than in the first trial, level. The overall data presented in this study suggest that in terms of VO 2max catechins do not improve physical performance in physically active, well-trained men. Examples of such meaningful differences are shown in Fig.

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