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Robin answered that there had been more than that, since Batman often gets a new sidekick. Robin then complains that that wasn't very sporty at all, before jumping. Robin then starts to make a speech, but is cut off by Beast Boy, saying he was telling that to the Robin who did all the work. Raven then thanks Robin, and Robin obliged, but then Raven said that she was talking to the other Robin, who got pizza, and fixed the television. Then Robin pointed out that he was the classic Robin, who was the best Robin. I'm glad she was able to like that one! Beast Boy then asks if he can call the other Robins to get out, but Robin denies, saying that the best Robin doesn't need any help.

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teen titans go the best robin

They all start screaming, however, the torturing machine takes a long time to get to them, and Brother Blood asks them to keep screaming.

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The Best Robin

He comes up with a plan: If he struggles enough, he will lose weight, and would be able to slip off the ropes. However, in the next scene, they are captured, and Robin asks how it was possible, but Brother Blood had a foolproof plan. Raven, surprised, she never knew about another three more Robins.

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