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The next thing Sango knew, she suddenly found that hands around her own waist were gently sliding her out from under the hanyou and miko pair. Bandits, from the look of it, if the discarded piles of clothing and weapons were anything to go by. The sight and scent of her blood on his claws At that point, Miroku was barely pausing long enough to shudder before immediately picking up the pace again, each climax making him that much harder, that much hornier. Extremely turned on by the sight, but also extremely upset at being left out, Kagome figured she'd better do something about it, then, and marched herself over to the trio and proceeded to kneel at Inuyasha's head, careful to not accidentally place a knee on an ear.

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Gasping at the unexpected sensation, he lost it immediately, shooting his seed deep inside Kagome's weeping pussy, but after pausing a moment to catch his breath he began pounding into the miko again.

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Or better yet, pull one into her mouth, teasing the inside as she drew her tongue down along the I also let him choose which path the ending takes, since there were two very different ways it could have gone. Finally, it was the faint scent of Kagome's blood once again tickling his nose that brought the hanyou out of his trance. She wasn't immune, by a long shot, which had a great deal to do with being untrained, but the reason Sango had been more easily affected despite being like-minded was because she lacked miko powers and even untrained, Kagome's powers naturally protected her at least to some degree.

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