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Oh god… my heart pounds faster. Desperately wishing I could take a photo to remember this moment and more importantly his perfect body. Trying not to let it bother me, I carried on with no idea who this person was or what he looked like. The fact that I was the first boy to fulfil his natural urges was incredible. I would be his dirty little secret and he would be my proudest achievement. After sucking his balls and jerking his cock, he pulls me off.

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Amani. Age: 20.
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Before I had chance to get off with him properly he pulled away.

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Coraline. Age: 29.
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Still shocked, I get up and crawl under his desk, the 3 walls of the desk giving me privacy. With each thrust I managed to take more and more of his cock, not long before had taken its length. I obeyed his order and knelt down on the kitchen flooring.

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